Beachbody sucked me into weight loss and fitness success beyond what I ever imagined. The resources at Beachbody make it possible for even busy women over 40 like me to lose weight and be in great shape.

For years I fumbled around losing weight and keeping it off. Never could I realize why I wasn’t able to keep it off until Beachbody entered my life.

Beachbody continues to produce content based on new scientific findings and methods that work for any lifestyle. Their workouts have changed over the years from exercising over an hour into a lean, progressive workout style designed to fit into our busy mom lives.

Losing Weight with Beachbody

The first Beachbody I used was the P90X. It took a few weeks before I could complete the long, intensive strength building, weight loss workout program. For the first time in many years, I was regaining my muscle tone.

Years later, with many workout programs under my belt, I now coach other women over 40 to their personal weight loss and fitness goals.

Core de Force – MMA style workout for all levels
Piyo – Low impact, high-calorie burn, great muscle toning
P90X3 – Agility – one of my all-time favorite workouts
P90X3 – CVX – fun, but great muscle toning
22 Hard Corps – how much better does 22 min get? Great fat burning!


Ultimate All Access Beachbody Experience

Beachbody for Nutrition

It wasn’t until I started the portion fix containers that I realized what healthy eating was! I believed I was eating enough vegetables, not too many complex carbs and the correct portions until portion fix came along.

Portion fix containers have changed everything. I feel better than ever. Fewer cravings, more energy. All of it combined is so much better than I would have ever imagined years ago.

I would not go back to junk food and processed food for anything. Now I know my body is getting what it needs to function properly.


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