Crispy, savory baked sweet potato fries loaded with everything you crave!  Savory chili made with ground bison or beef, bacon, avocado, Paleo ranch sauce and even a fried egg.  Its totally healthy to dig in to these loaded chili sweet potato fries – they’re Paleo and Whole30 friendly.

Most of the time, I like things pretty simple.  I mean with food – the rest of my life is debatable.

Simple burger, simple baked fries, simple fruit with chocolate – you know – all the stuff you see in my WIAWposts every week.

And, sometimes, I like to put ALL the simple things I like together on one plate – simple + simple + simple = a plate full of all my favorites.  Granted, it’s not quite so simple anymore, but it sure is tasty!

Have I lost you yet?  What I’m saying is most definitely related to this recipe for loaded chili sweet potato fries.  You have sweet potato fries – which I eat every day at least once, and you should too, by the way.  Then, you have ground meat, perfectly spiced so it’s not too spicy, if that makes sense (I used bison, you can totally use beef!)

On top of that, we have ranch sauce, scallions, bacon (how could I forget?!) avocado, and even a fried egg!  Yes, I went wild with this – and you should too – at least once!   While I wouldn’t recommend trying to eat the entire plate on your own, this is the perfect weekend treat that everyone in the family can enjoy.

Friends too, if you have them handy 🙂

The best part of this plate?  It looks like total decadence, yet it’s actually made with all real-food ingredients, contains no added sugar, and is Paleo and Whole30 friendly!  The ranch sauce sort of acts as/tastes like the “cheese” on typical loaded fries.  Seriously, my ranch sauce is awesome stuff (sauce?) and I would not be living a happy Paleo life without it.

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