Every pregnancy Women Should Know About Last Month Checklist Before Delivery

In my last month of pregnancy I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off – I really had no idea what the hell I needed for when the baby got here. Everyone was telling me to bank sleep and pack my hospital bag, but no one told me some of the little nitty gritty stuff that would have come in handy those first few months. So when Diana from Listful Mom showed me this last month of pregnancy checklist, I was all over it like a boy-band fan.

Let me know if you have any other ones!

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can… the final (ahem!) push is on until your baby arrives and changes your world forever. While your hormones have probably already brought on some major nesting, your pregnancy brain might leave you feeling like there’s something you’ve forgotten.  (And there inevitably is.)  Here’s my list of 19 must-do’s for month 9 of pregnancy.

1. Treat yourself to a mani/pedi.

Not only do you deserve some pampering, but your hands will feature prominently in a zillion photos of your new bundle of joy. Plus, you’ll likely be doing a bunch of shuffling around in flip flops post-labor.

2. Pack a “going home” outfit for baby.

You’ll most likely keep your newborn swaddled in (awesome) hospital blankets until you head home, so no need to bring cute outfits for wearing in the hospital, but don’t forget to pack that Instagram-worthy outfit and hat.  #Homewardbound!

3. Go on a date…or 6.

It’s tough to predict when you’ll next head out solo with your significant other. Take advantage of the last few weeks by doing things as a couple before your family grows by one or (eek!) more.

4. Upgrade your phone storage.

You are about to become the next Anne Geddes, at least in your world, taking so many photos and videos of your baby that you’ll hit your storage max quickly. Don’t let that video of your baby’s first coo get cut off because you feel too guilty to erase the 75 pictures you took of the first stroller walk.  (Online journal apps like Tinybeans can be a lifesaver.)

5. Speaking of photos, research a newborn photographer.

Get some recommendations from friends, then get the low down on fees (there can be a big difference between the cost of having them taken and actually getting them printed). Photographers like to do these in the first two weeks of life, so do the legwork now so you’re not scrambling to hire one in a sleep-deprived, zombie-like state.

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