How To Use a Yoga Wheel

Yoga props are amazing for students of all levels. In the past, I’ve covered how to use yoga blocks, how to use yoga bolsters, how to use yoga blankets, and how to use a yoga strap. In today’s post, I’m sharing three easy ways to incorporate a yoga wheelinto your practice.

1. The yoga wheel can be an easier way to achieve full dancer’s pose than with the conventional way of using a yoga strap. I like the wheel for this pose because it is connected so it’s easy to slip your foot in and come up into the pose, rather than having to make a loop with the yoga strap and inch your hands up the strap to fully get into the pose.

2. The yoga wheel can be used as an amazing heart opener in this beautiful stretch. I like to interlace my fingers behind my head for a deeper chest/shoulder opening, but feel free to keep your arms by your sides if that feels better for you.

3. The yoga wheel can be used in a legs up the wall pose. You can place it against the wall and set up as shown, or use it away from the wall and incorporate this pose into a flow on your mat.Shop the look and other Lanston Sport favorites belowLet’s talk: Do you guys have a yoga wheel? What is your favorite pose to use it in?

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