Ted Talks About Yoga and Mindfulness – Everyone Should Want To Watch It

Everybody loves a good TED talk. They are encouraging, motivational, and inspirational.They are straight-forward and push you to realize your short-comings and your potential.

The TED talks about yoga and mindfulness are no exception.

f you don’t know ‘TED” is not a person (which I originally thought it was! Oops! It was actually created by a guy named Richard). “TED” stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design. The TED talk company launched in 1984 and today cover almost all topics in more than 110 languages!

TED talks pride them selves on their slogan Ideas worth spreading. Mindfulness and yoga are two of those ideas.

A quick YouTube search will yield a TON of results for TED talks about yoga and mindfulness.

Don’t worry! I’ve taken all the guess work out, saved you some time, and compiled some of my favourite yoga and mindfulness TED talks for you!

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