The 30-Day Burpee Challenge Game Makes You Crazy

Burpees — the exercise you love to hate. But you’re never going to get better at them (or love them any more) if you don’t actually do them (funny how that works).

Burpees are an incredibly efficient full-body exercise that tone every major muscle group. Essentially, they’re three exercises in one — a squat, a push-up and a jump. No wonder they’re so hard!

Need help getting started? We have just the thing for you! A 30-day burpee challenge. Here’s the schedule:

The first day will be your warm-up. You only have to do one burpee! Every day after that, you’ll add two burpees. And every six days, you get a rest day (hallelujah!).

Finally, get ready for day 30, when you’ll do 50 burpees in one day! It might sound like a lot at the start, but if you work up to it, it’s totally doable. You can also scale them to your ability level.

Standard burpee: Start standing, squat down with your hands between your feet and then jump your legs back into a plank. Jump your feet back to your hands and stand up. Jump, landing softly. Repeat.

Make it easier: There are several ways to modify the burpee. Try these suggestions to make it easier and reduce the impact of the exercise:

  • Skip the jump at the top of the burpee.
  • Instead of jumping your legs back, step back one leg at a time. Then step forward instead of jumping forward.
  • Place your hands on a bench or sturdy chair when you step back into the plank position.

Advanced: Take the intermediate variation and add a push-up when you’re in your plank. If a full push-up is too difficult, you can drop to your knees and do a knee push-up instead. (Tip: Place a mat or folded towel under your knees to make dropping to your knees more comfortable.)

And if you’re one of those crazy people who thinks, “50 burpees? That’s nothing!” Well, then it’s time to amp up your burpee game. Once you’ve progressed beyond the “regular” advanced version, we have 15 burpee variations that will kick your butt. Add a box jump, do a clap push-up instead of a regular one, hold dumbbells, get creative! Then, share your favorite burpee variations with us.

So even if you still hate them at the end of the month, at least you’ll have shown them who’s boss — you!

Find fellow challengers and share your daily progress on our special Facebook Challenge Group! Join the group today and get in on all of our monthly challenges.

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