7 Best Fat Burning Foods (To Help You Lose Weight)

Looking for the best fat burning foods to help you lose weight?

Wouldn’t we all like to eat and burn fat at the same time?

No, I’m not talking about how to munch a hot dog while on a treadmill.

I study nutrition and the number one question I am asked is ‘does (this or that food) really burn fat?’

I’m always happy to tell them that a few foods really might ‘burn fat’.

OK, maybe not burn, like exercise burns, but some foods may actually aid weight loss.

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I outlined 7 Best Fat Burning Foods to help you lose weight and get rid of stubborn bodyfat.

Ready for a fresh look at dieting? Here let’s start eating our waistlines away!

Best Fat Burning Foods For Weight Loss

1. Avocados: 

One of the best fat burning foods that always get a mention are avocados, which are high in monounsaturated fat, which you may have heard about before.

Monounsaturated fat has become famous because it causes us to burn more energy while resting than normal food consumption does.

Avocados also are delicious and have other nutritional qualities, so go for that avocado toast on artisanal bread for breakfast or for a snack.

It’s said that monounsaturated fats are especially effective on belly fat.

Guacamole makes a great snack, so long as the chips you enjoy with it are healthy.

Pro Tip: Another way to add avocado to your diet is to invest in some avocado oil for general use. It’s a great oil for cooking or even making a vinaigrette dressing.

2. Walnuts, Almonds, Pecans, and other nuts:

Nuts work the same way Avocados do…

…But they are an important food on the list because they make such a tasty and convenient snack food.

Also, they are delicious on salads, as well as in stir fries for a little crunch.

I’m a nut lover and I can’t think of many dishes that are not better with a sprinkling of nuts!

You can buy walnut and almond oil at health food stores.

This specialty oil isn’t cheap, but it is absolutely delicious (at least to us nut aficionados) and is used as a flavorful addition to a vinaigrette.

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