What Does 30 Grams of Carbs Look Like?

The most important factor to getting into a metabolic state of ketosis is to restrict carbohydrates.

The Standard Ketogenic Diet (which is the best variation for most people) prescribes just 5% of calories per day from carbohydrates. Your body is different from the next person’s, so you may reach your best ketone levels at 20g of carbs per day while someone else may be at 40.

However, in the keto world, 30 grams of carbs per day is a standard rule of thumb and you’ll see that term tossed around and plugged into keto macro calculators everywhere.

But what the heck does 30 grams of carbs look like anyway? When I started keto, I couldn’t tell you what it looked like. I was too scared to even eat leafy veggies because I was dodging carbs like Neo dodging bullets in the Matrix.

And therein lies the purpose of this guide: to develop your intuition for 30 grams of carbs so you can be more comfortable eating the nourishing whole foods we need on a ketogenic diet while skipping the garbage we don’t.

Of course, we will also be talking about net carbs in this post. Each photo is 30 grams of total carbohydrate in the food, and the net carbs will be described below the photo.

Carbohydrates themselves are not “bad” or “good,” they are just molecules where carbon is bonded to water. But fiber is one type of carbohydrate that does not impact blood glucose levels. It’s broken down in the large intestine by gut bacteria and is essential for normal and healthy gut function. For whole foods with fiber, we can subtract that number from the total carbohydrate count.

For example, if a food has 12 grams of carbs but 7 grams of fiber, you’d net 5 grams of carbs.

Be warned. Food companies do everything in their power to bring down the “net carb” count on their nutritional label and will include garbage ingredients that ruin your gut and do impact your blood sugar but yet can technically be subtracted from the “total carb” count. Your best bet is to stick to whole foods that grow and die.

Oh, and before we get into it, we’ve whipped up a free keto-friendly meal plan so you can stick within your allotted carbs and remain in ketosis. Click here to get the free keto meal plan now.

Okay, let’s go for it! Our tour will start with fruits, move to veggies, then to fats, and end with the garbage we probably grew up eating and are now cutting out of our ketogenic diet. What’s the most interesting and surprising to you?

What Does 30 Grams of Fruit Carbs Look Like?


Serving: 1.45 cups
Fiber: 5g
Net carbs: 25g


Serving: 2.75 cups
Fiber: 5g
Net carbs: 25g

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