15 Weight Loss Workout that Makes You Slim Like Crazy

The best exercises to lose weight are those that help burn more calories in less time, such as running and swimming, but to lose weight efficiently and maintain the results it is important to combine these with bodybuilding exercises that must be performed in the gym, in the guidance of the supervision of one personal trainer.

Aerobic exercise, such as brisk walking and jogging, increases heart rate and burns more calories while endurance exercises such as bodybuilding favour muscle hypertrophy, which is increased muscle size, and this causes the individual to spend more energy, even when you are not sleeping, for example.

Best Exercises To Lose Weight

Here are some of the best exercises to lose weight in the gym. Tight your belts and start working on your weight-

1. HIIT Training

The HIIT workout burns about 400 calories per hour and consists of a set of high-intensity workouts that eliminate localized fat in just 30 minutes per day in a faster and fun way. The exercises are performed intensely to raise your heart rate a lot. So, it is more suitable for those who already practice some kind of physical activity, although there are beginner HIIT exercises, they consist of a series of exercises ‘easier’.

2. Crossfit Training

Crossfit training is also quite intense and burns about 700 calories per hour, however, this type of workout is quite different from the bodybuilding workout that people are more used to seeing in gyms. Different weights, ropes, tires are used and often the exercises are performed, outside the gym, outdoors.

3. Dance Classes

Dancing is a great way to strengthen your muscles and burn some calories, 1 hour of ballroom dancing burns approximately 300 calories, and the person still increases flexibility and enjoys having more contact with the other students. In this type of activity besides cardiorespiratory benefits, and to lose weight, it is still possible to promote socialization. The university forró is a very lively type of dance, where you can burn about 400 calories per hour, in a fun way. In the buzz, you can burn up to 800 kcal per hour.

4. Muay Thai

Muay Thai is a type of intense martial art, where you can burn about 700 calories per hour. The workouts are very intense and also strengthen the muscles, as well as help increase self-esteem and self-defence

5. Spinning

The spinning classes are done in different intensities, but always on top of a bicycle, in a classroom with at least 5 bikes. The classes are very intense and promote the burning of about 600 calories per hour, and still strengthens the legs very much, being great to burn the fat of the legs and to strengthen the thighs.

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