30 Mistakes That Will Sabotage Weight Loss

Hitting the gym hard, eating healthy and still seeing no change in your belly? Super frustrating, I know!

Don’t worry, it’s because you’re sabotaging your weight loss goals because of a number of lifestyle habits.

Overdoing The Coconut Milk

30 Mistakes That Will Sabotage Weight Loss

Think coconut milk is the healthiest option? You’re wrong!

Although it’s plant-based, it is high in fat and has little to offer in protein. So, you’re better drinking coffee with low-fat milk or just sticking to water

Making Dietary Changes Just To Be On Trend

It’s important to understand why you want to make changes in your diet.

You need to educate yourself and talk to a doctor before making drastic dietary changes.

You can cut out gluten or become a vegan and still gain weight because of the calorie-dense or nutrient-depleted foods you consume.

Ever notice that lots of vegetarians are overweight?

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Not Having A Water Bottle Next To Your Bed

30 Mistakes That Will Sabotage Weight Loss

Not drinking enough water throughout the day can have a negative effect on your metabolism and your appetite.

Also, a lack of water in combination with a high fiber diet can result in digestive problemsTake your water bottle to your bed tonight and remember to drink constantly throughout the day.

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